In Due Time

In due time

ease to the listless

may come

when far of sight

but like a moth

following the flame

i never let me

flutter too far away

mystified by this

gravitational pull

i keep me 

in your orbit.


xxoo, Lady Juno

Not the same ol’ selfie…

There’s something there

under that tasty

penetrating stare

not empty

just flesh or bone

no tales to tell

not sad

like them

looking for likes

a touch of confidence boosting

eyes cries

of aching times

in a deep well of wisdom

from years of lessons learned

so tell me please

show me more

since your not made of stone

your not

not the same ol’ selfie…..

xxoo, Lady Juno

I profess….


I profess that

day to day


face to face

I fail to say

to find the words


terms of endearment

of pleasure 

of lust

and of love.

I profess that

even my actions

they do fall short

their quiet museings

that dance in my heart

though meant to stand 

on firm ground

stand tall

all on their own

I fail to


terms of endearment

of pleasure 

of lust

and of love.

I simply request

you read this

to let it be known

that my poetry

speaks alone

this an epic tale for me

and you endlessly


terms of endearment

of pleasure 

of lust

and of love….

I profess



xxoo, Lady Juno




has a mood

to it’s presence

be it

through a simple beam of light



has a mood

to it’s presence

be it

for touch me you might



has a mood

to it’s presence

be it

in your smile so bright



have a mood

in my presence

it be

of knowing we are right.


Star Dust Being

Tip toeing

across the celestial plain

skinny dipping 

in the milky way

she’s firmly planted

upon his frontal lobe

seeing stars

in an overcast sky

the man on the moon

winks back

“this being,

her being

and mine



just a figment

of his imagination


in star dust sparkles 


a wrinkle in time

shes as real

as he deems her

destiny to be

of his own free will

as sure

as each dark night falls

“this being

her being

and mine

will one day



April 2014

xxoo, Lady Juno

On-Line Lovers

He said 

You are so close yet so far

We speak through a screen

But I know all about you

From the touch of your skin 

To the taste of your lips

Your bright eyes and crooked smile

Speak to me and give it all away


When I sleep I feel your presence

When I dream we come together

When I wake, I wake to your song

We’ve never met

Yet you’re in my heart

You’ve become a part of me 

Have I, my love, become a part of you? 


She said

You are so close yet so far

The World Wide Web our only voice

But I know everything about you

The safety within your arms’ embrace

How your firm hands gently caress

And the weakness that takes hold from a glance


When I sleep I feel you close

My senses wake with your touch

May I forever sleep in these dreams

For we have never met

But I’m sure you’re my destiny

You’re the part which makes me whole…


So he asked

Just those words

Make me burst with joy

One day I’ll come 

And never let you go 

Slip this ring on your finger

And ask you to be mine forever & more


And she replied

Yes, those words I have longed to hear

Make me burst with Joy

Come today, come now

I’ll never let you go

Slip the ring on my finger

And call me, “mine” forevermore

creative collaboration by: iithinks & Lady Juno

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